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Technology 2000
Are we ready for the new millenium?

A game of 'Can you top this?'
Tim Burke and Mitchell Krugel: A conversation of this nature takes place nearly every day in sports departments throughout the APSE world: We have this centerpiece on the candidates to replace the football coach who was fired. How can we give it some punch, some impact?

Pagination can put you in control
Tim Burke: Picture this: Your department is covering the Super Bowl and producing a live special section on game night.

We're ready to spend it now
Rick Vacek: Earlier this decade, it was not uncommon for editors to discuss pagination as though it were a problematic, futuristic invention that was not to be trusted.

Don't forget what got us here
Bob Yates: Welcome to the Old Editors Home, my paginated pals. Let me tell you how things used to be.

You have to grab their attention ...
Rick Jaffe: With apologies to absolutely no one, Ill admit something that many of you already know: Im pro mouse.

... But you have to keep their trust
John Davidson: Photographs are perhaps the most powerful means of attracting readers into the newspaper.

New MVPs of the newsroom?
Randy Beard: Advances in technology have changed the newspaper business enough in the past 10 years that it is not just the Y2K problem that worries me as we approach the millennium.

We're better, but the price is high
Paul Vigna: My most vivid pre-pagination memory is watching Esther trim a story, the blade shaking in her hand as she slowly cut a jagged path under the specified line.

Another option: The on-line world
Lynn Hoppes: Greg Auman was a typical college graduate in the summer of 1997.

Other news

More judges are always welcome
Tracy Dodds: More judges are always needed to make the APSE contest better.

Kiszla resolution costly to BBWAA
Bill Dwyre: The case of Mark Kiszla/Denver Post v. the Baseball Writers Association of America has been resolved at a steep price.

On the move: Tingley named managing editor
Kirby Arnold: Becoming a managing editor had never been a prominent career goal of Ken Tingley.

Regions: Auto racing specialist Martin dies
Glenn Drosendahl: Reading about auto racing in the South wont be the same after the Jan. 3 death of Gerald Martin, a reporter at the Raleigh News and Observer who died of pancreatitis after a brief illness.

Declarations of faith a touchy issue
Lynn Hoppes: Do references to religion belong in a game story?

Four APSE Bulletins likely this year
Leon H. Carter: Sandy Bailey of Sports Illustrated, who co-runs the boot camp at the APSE/Sports Journalism Institute class, said the goal this year is to produce four issues of the APSE Bulletin, instead of the usual three, because APSE has added a day to the convention.

Program planning is in progress
Herb Stutz: With the Phoenix convention a little more than four months away, its time to complete plans for the program and social events.

Sponsor shortage could threaten financial health
Herb Stutz: The APSE convention leadership is struggling with a problem that is rare in APSEs history a severe shortage of sponsorship money.

March 15 is deadline for Red Smith nominations

Writers groups: Who's in them, who runs them, what their goals, activities are

Send Roundtable ideas to Beard or Vigna

List of APSE regional representatives selected for contest judging

Still loaded with good ideas? Send them along to Krugel

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