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Convention 2010
June 23-26
Marriott City Center,
Salt Lake City

For information:
Garry D. Howard:
E-mail | 414-224-2306

Jack Berninger:
E-mail | 804-741-1565

Workshop materials

Judging 2010
March 6-10
Radisson WorldGate,
Kissimmee, Fla.

For information:
Phil Kaplan:
E-mail | 865-342-6285

Jack Berninger:
E-mail | 804-741-1565

Mandatory dates:
Sunday: April 5
Weekday: Tue., Feb. 24


Exploring Minneapolis

Vince Muzik / vincentmuzik.com
Barry Forbis, sports editor of the Rocky Mountain News, wife Michelle Forbis and the gorgeous Madison Forbis.
The 2008 APSE Convention began with a bang as the Sports Editors assembled for the Opening Reception at the Mill City Museum, which was sponsored by ESPN.

Lynn Hoppes
Lynn Hoppes: We sometimes take our jobs as sports editor for granted. We spend days and weeks and months thinking about how bad we have it. We're getting smaller every day. Our budget is shrinking. Our space is shrinking. Our staff is shrinking. The only thing not shrinking is our waistlines. But think about the positives. And there are plenty of them. (June 28)

Vincent Muzik / vincentmuzik.com
Old friends Garry D. Howard (left) of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Joe Sullivan of the Boston Globe are all smiles early on at the 2008 APSE Awards Banquet.
Garry D. Howard: For me, it was slightly embarrassing. Missing dinner, that is ... The Awards Banquet at the 2008 APSE Convention in Minneapolis was just what it was supposed to be: A super-fancy celebration of all the wonderful work put together by our membership over the past 12 months, along with a healthy dose of fellowship.  (June 30)

Although the lagging economy and state of the newspaper industry put a crimp on attendance at the 35th annual APSE convention, those downers didn't hinder the quality of general sessions and workshops. (July 14)

Comments during the APSE Convention session "What sports sections will look like five years from now" from Tim McGuire, Frank Russell Chair for the business of journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Arizona State University. (July 11)

The mandatory contest dates, selected during the recent APSE Convention, are Feb. 3 (for Sunday) and Thursday, March 6 (for weekday). (June 30)

Click on the image above to view the PDF of the report.
U.S. newspapers got a failing grade for gender diversity in their sports departments and a C for racial diversity, according to a study released Thursday. Seventy-eight percent of the staffs at Associated Press Sports Editors newspapers and Web sites are white men, the study found. Just 5 percent of sports staffs are black men and just under 3 percent are Latino men. Only 11.5 percent are women. (June 28)

Vince Muzik / vincentmuzik.com
From left, Jerry Micco, Moderator, AME/Sports, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; David Shribman, Executive Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Malcolm Moran, Knight Chair in Sports Journalism and Society, Penn State; Tim McGuire, Business of Journalism Knight Chair, Arizona State.
Brad Zimanek: The initial general session of this APSE Convention asked what sports sections may look like in 2013. Though opinions on form and function varied, the panelist's consensus is that it would exist but be dramatically different than what we have now. Meaning, the evolution that has taken place recently in newsrooms with extensive multi-media offerings and reduction of advertising and space is just beginning. (June 28)

Larry Vaught
Larry Vaught: The executive committee Wednesday endorsed APSE President Mike Fannin's one-year proposal to make it possible to provide recognition for papers with a circulation under 20,000. As one of those working at a paper that size, I can only say thanks and know other sports editors across the country are doing the same. (June 28)

Toby Carrig
Toby Carrig: One of the goals of my time as Third Vice President is to allow the under-40,000 circulation papers to get feedback from other papers. No time like now to get started. In the month of July, I would like to set up a newspaper exchange among papers in the under-40,000 category. (June 27)

Rick Armstrong
Todd M. Adams: For Aurora Beacon News veteran sports reporter Rick Armstrong, his job has never been about winning hardware. Still, this past Feb. 26 when he received a call saying he'd earned an APSE writing award in the 40,000-under breaking news category, he couldn't hide his pleasure. (July 5)

Greg Brownell: The APSE's executive committee gave first approval to another bylaw amendment when it met at the close of the annual convention in Minneapolis. (July 5)
• Bylaw amendments: 1 | 2(a) (7/5)

Meeting held Wednesday, June 25, at noon at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn. (June 28)

Meeting held Thursday, June 26, at 9 a.m. at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn. (June 28)

Minutes of the Closing Meeting held Saturday, June 28, at 12:40 a.m. at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn. (June 28)

Were you not able to attend the convention this year, or miss a workshop while you were there? The materials for the workshops are available on this page. This page will be updated as we receive more MS Word documents and PDFs sent to us.

The Bulletin from the Minneapolis convention is now available to download as a PDF. (June 26)

• Bylaw amendments: 1 | 2(a) (7/5)
• Slideshows: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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