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Convention 2010
June 23-26
Marriott City Center,
Salt Lake City

For information:
Garry D. Howard:
E-mail | 414-224-2306

Jack Berninger:
E-mail | 804-741-1565

Workshop materials

Judging 2010
March 6-10
Radisson WorldGate,
Kissimmee, Fla.

For information:
Phil Kaplan:
E-mail | 865-342-6285

Jack Berninger:
E-mail | 804-741-1565

Mandatory dates:
Sunday: April 5
Weekday: Tue., Feb. 24

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Convention Report

TEACHING AND LEARNING make up a big part of any convention, particularly for Sports Journalism Institute interns. Valerie Gutierrez of the University of Southern California gets a critical look at a story from a pro: David Squires of the Detroit Free Press, longtime editor of the APSE Bulletin, which is produced by the interns. More about the interns on pages 10-11 of the newsletter.

High-tech talk and a lot of good stuff
Dinn Mann: More than 200 sports editors and assistants gathered in June in downtown Chicago, where APSE's incoming president proclaimed this the Year of the Internet for managers in newspaper sports departments.

Skwar, Cherwa, Warnick elected
Don Skwar of the Boston Globe, John Cherwa of the Chicago Tribune and Gene Warnick of the Yakima Herald-Republic are the new officers for APSE for 2000-01.

Time to click onto the future
Tim Burke: Our convention momentum will catapult us into the Internet age, once and for all. Our apsE-committee, chaired by Emilio Garcia-Ruiz of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, will make sure that we understand the new ground rules under which we're about to play.

A memory of Chicago: it was the people
J.R. Ogden: A few days before heading to Chicago for my first APSE convention, I worked on a story about a longtime athletic director retiring at the University of Iowa. Asked what she would miss the most, she responded, "The people."

Wouldn't trade places, Meyer says
Bill Eichenberger: The wit and zest for living that served Ray Meyer during 55 years as a basketball coach at DePaul kept the audience entertained during his convention keynote luncheon address.

And Izenberg's not giving it back
Slim Smith and Burnice Cain: Don't assume that Jerry Izenberg, as he approaches the age of 70, is content to bask in the glow of the honors that roll in. He latest being the 20th recipient of the Red Smith Award.
List of Red Smith Award winners

It was boot camp, and we loved it
Nikki Herbert: If this is the cream of the crop, God bless the skim milk! Well, David Squires, we are the cream of the crop.

NABJ assistance made the difference
Sandy Bailey: It's never too early to think about next year. That's the motto of the APSE/Sports Journalism Institute, and in June we put it to practice in an extra-timely fashion.

Some items still need work
Tracy Dodds: I left the convention in Chicago with two issues working in my mind and a feeling of unfinished business. We still need diversity, and we always need quality copy editors.

Far West site probable for next drive-in
Paul D. Bowker: The 10th APSE drive-in workshop will be in late fall, probably in the Far West.

Critique sessions continue to help
Paul D. Bowker: For Bob Sutton of the Burlington Times-News, turning in his paper's sections for the convention's one-on-one critique sessions has turned into a tradition.

You can play the Internet game; you hold the key: content
Barry Forbis: If you haven't bought into the impact of your newspaper's Internet site, members of the four-man panel at the general session called Winning On Line said, perhaps it's time that you did. And you'd better not wait much longer.

Firestorm an appropriate word when integrity becomes the issue
Jeff Krupshaw: Bill Dwyre was on the spot at the general session titled Are Newspapers Selling Out to Corporate Sponsors and Advertisers?

Some writers groups want help; others appear out of control
James Walker: APSE has serious concerns regarding newspaper reporters who cover the NHL, college basketball, college football, the NBA, tennis and the outdoors.

ESPN insists it has substance, but it's hard to ignore the glitz
Don Skwar: No one denies that ESPN is about glitz. But on-air talents Stuart Scott, Rich Eisen and Andrea Kremer said that bringing news to people is as much a rush to them as any set of bright lights.

New ideas don't always jump out, but session finds a few good ones
Mitchell Krugel: After looking through hundreds of newspaper pages in search of examples for his Best Ideas general session, Dinn Mann said, he realized that he had seen all the greatness sports sections offer daily. Again.

Perception remains a problem as newspapers continue to change
Jack Genung: Population changes require newspapers to re-evaluate their staffs, their coverage and their understanding of their communities.

Recruiting is an obvious solution, but copy editing crisis goes deeper
Chet Fussman and Brian Tolley: Finding and keeping copy editors is no longer a problem for sports editors. It's a crisis.

Getting the story behind the story demands that questions be asked
Nels Jensen: Don't overlook the obvious. There are great stories behind the scenes. What don't we know.

Common theme for small papers: use part-timers, high-schoolers
Gene Warnick: Something you can use. Perhaps that was only the unofficial slogan for the convention.

Who says game stories are dead? Don't give up a newspaper's edge
Jack Sheppard: You can argue length. You can argue content. You can argue whether they should be dominated by play-by-play, interviews or a development that separated this game from the others. Just don't argue that game stories are dead.

Edit credibility into your section; lose that toy-department label
Richard Bush: For Kenn Finkel, protecting the English language in sports sections comes down to this: We must have the high standards of the rest of the newsroom.

Victories and frustrations
Randy Beard: At best, I felt as if I had treaded water during my second year in office.

Small-paper editors' caucus looking for solutions
Randy Beard: Gene Warnick of the Yakima Herald-Republic was introduced as APSE's incoming third vice president at the convention's small-newspaper caucus.

One way to do it: get involved
Gene Warnick: One of my responsibilities as third vice president is to increase membership in APSE. I'll work hard on that, but my primary goal will be to get smaller newspapers more involved.

Taylor likes new give/take format
Bill Bradley: Women's issues are a big deal in sports coverage. Not that it's a surprise, but they dominated discussions during three convention question/answer sessions with Terry Taylor, sports editor of the Associated Press.

Olympics time game will challenge AP
Dan Cunningham: They are called the Summer Olympics, but the 2000 version of the Games will be staged in the middle of the fall and football season.

AP writing, photography winners
Steve Wilson, European sports editor for the Associated Press, won writer-of-the-year and story-of-the-year honors for his coverage of the Olympic bribery scandal in APSE's 1999 contest for Associated Press staffers.

Feb. 28, March 19 mandatory dates
The contest: The first two mandatory dates for the 2000 APSE contest were chosen in a random drawing during the convention's July 1 awards dinner.

APSE dues notices will be in the mail soon
Dues notices will go out this month.

Upward trend likely for Baltimore
Herb Stutz: If the trend of the past four years continues, APSE can expect a near-record attendance at next year's Baltimore convention.
List of APSE convention sites

Other convention news

Opening Executive Committee
The minutes for the Opening Executive Committee meeting.

Closing Executive Committee
The minutes for the Closing Executive Committee meeting.

Financial statement
The APSE financial statement for June 1, 1999 May 31, 2000.

Operating budget for 2000-01
The APSE operating budget for the fiscal year 2000-01.

A list of chairs, vice chairs, members and goals for APSE committees.

Bylaws change passes
At the convention's opening Executive Committee meeting, a change to Article 4, Section A, Paragraph 4 of the APSE bylaws passed unanimously on second reading.

Realignment, Internet major issues
Regions: A look at APSE's region activity.

Other news

Lefko makes jump to Indianapolis
On the move: A year of changes for the Indianapolis Star continued in July, when the Star hired Jim Lefko as its sports editor.

Obituary: Bill Connors
Bill Connors, sports editor and columnist for the Tulsa World, died June 2 in Tulsa. He was 68.

Color photographs wanted
Note from the APSE webmaster.

1999 contest awards

View the best 1999 APSE sections
Check out all 120 winning section fronts from the 1999 contest.

Read the best 1999 APSE stories
Read the entries from the first-place winners in the 1999 contest.

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