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In the News

Sports Journalism Institute to be held in Phoenix
Each summer, APSE -in conjunction with the Sports Task Force of the National Association of Black Journalists -conducts the Sports Journalism Institute, a program designed to increase the number of women and minorities in sports departments of U.S. newspapers.

Collins wins Red Smith Award
Bud Collins, a Boston Globe correspondent and NBC television commentator, has won the Red Smith Award presented by The Associated Press Sports Editors.

List of Red Smith Award winners


Judging Looking with a critical eye: (from left) Mike Guersch of the San Jose Mercury News, Brian White of the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Steve Rocca of the New Orleans Times-Picayune and Barry Forbis of the Rocky Mountain News judge Sunday sections in the over-175,000 circulation category at Redondo Beach.

The Contest

Albuquerque's Thompson wins two
Edgar Thompson of the Albuquerque Tribune is the only double winner in APSE’s 1998 writing contest, taking first place in the enterprise reporting and news story divisions for papers with circulations under 50,000.

The Best 1998 APSE Writing winners

The Best 1998 APSE Sections winners

Triple crown winner: The New York Times

Triple crown winner: The New York Daily News

Triple crown winner: The Arlington Morning News

Time to pay for expansion
Bob Yates: The bill for APSE’s expanded contest is due.

A chance to learn, to share
Randy Beard: During a discussion of finances at a recent Executive Committee meeting, one issue that surfaced on the shores of Redondo Beach was whether APSE should hold the winter meeting in a location that is centrally located, more economical and with fewer distractions than the beaches of California or Florida.

Contest success is more than luck
Jim Pedley: Not every sports editor in North America was blowing through the doors of the Post Office as midnight drew near on Jan. 26. Some were there as early as 10:30.

It's back to Redondo Beach in 2001
Herb Stutz: For sports editors who regularly attend APSE’s winter meeting in odd-numbered years, apparently nothing matches a Pacific Ocean setting in Southern California.

This list affects all APSE papers
The Executive Committee approved an organizational change at the 1998 convention in Richmond, dividing APSE into four circulation categories (instead of three).

Newspapers, circulation categories

The preliminary and final judges

Opening Executive Committee meeting minutes

Closing Executive Committee meeting minutes

The Convention

Freedom forum session a highlight
Bob Yates: Most newspaper sports sections have expanded coverage of women’s sports. Most of us also have taken note of the advances, from the popularity of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament to the prominent role women played at the Atlanta Olympics.

2001 convention going to Baltimore
Herb Stutz: Baltimore has joined Chicago and Seattle as a convention site.

Some questions and some answers
Herb Stutz: Some frequently asked questions concerning APSE’s 26th annual convention, June 22-26 at Phoenix.

Critiques return for a fourth year
Paul D. Bowker: The convention will include the return of the APSE one-on-one section critiques.

Convention signup form

Tentative convention daily schedule

Send convention ideas to Smith and Krugel

Other news

Roundtable: Dealing with community notices
Paul Vigna: The listing of sign-ups for a youth organization landed on my desk the other day. It included a request that was as outrageous as it was concise: Please run this every day for the next three weeks.

Election '99: Two running for second VP
One outgoing region chair and one candidate nominated at a February Executive Committee meeting are on the ballot for APSE’s second vice presidency.
Bios for Tim Burke and Rick Jaffe

On the move: Humphrey promoted
Kirby Arnold: David Humphrey says the strength of the Austin American-Statesman has long been its coverage of colleges and high schools. Now it’s time to move to the next level.

Regions: Seattle papers will go head to head
Soon there will be competing morning papers in Seattle, and both sides see sports coverage determining the winner.

Group will meet in N.Y. with commissioners
The annual APSE meeting with the commissioners of the major professional sports leagues is scheduled for April 15-16 in New York.

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