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Convention 2010
June 23-26
Marriott City Center,
Salt Lake City

For information:
Garry D. Howard:
E-mail | 414-224-2306

Jack Berninger:
E-mail | 804-741-1565

Workshop materials

Judging 2010
March 6-10
Radisson WorldGate,
Kissimmee, Fla.

For information:
Phil Kaplan:
E-mail | 865-342-6285

Jack Berninger:
E-mail | 804-741-1565

Mandatory dates:
Sunday: April 5
Weekday: Tue., Feb. 24


Photos from the convention
View photos from the 2009 APSE Convention in Pittsburgh.
June 24 | June 25 | June 26 | June 27

John Bednarowski of the Marietta Daily Journal and Cherokee Tribune was elected vice chair of the Southeast Region at APSE's annual meetings in Pittsburgh. Jon Johnson of the Dothan Eagle is replacing Phil Kaplan as chair of the region. (June 30)

Todd M. Adams: Steve Hemphill, who has been assistant sports editor at the Roanoke (Va.) Times for the past five years, has been promoted to sports editor. He replaces Jeff Gilbert, who accepted a teaching position at Cedarville University in Ohio. (June 30)

Mandatory contest dates were selected Saturday during the awards banquet at the APSE convention in Pittsburgh. (June 29)

Paul Skrbina: Dave Wannstedt has answered many questions during his 34-year coaching career – and there was no question this question was coming. The University of Pittsburgh football coach spoke June 25 to a group of sports editors during the keynote luncheon at the annual Associated Press Sports Editors summer convention in Pittsburgh. (June 29)

Lynn Hoppes: What a great week we've had. Starting with the opening night event on the boat and the general sessions and workshops and the baseball game, it's been a great convention. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. (June 27)

Meeting held Saturday, June 27 at Sheraton Station Square Hotel, Pittsburgh (June 27)

Joe Baird: Between the apples he habitually devoured whole and his legendary escapades behind the wheel on east coast turnpikes and backstreets, Vince Doria found the time to pull off an unprecedented triple-play: He not only helped redefine sports journalism in print, but in broadcast and online as well. (June 27)

Adam Mertz: "The state of the industry," Martin Kaiser pondered aloud, searching for the right opening line for his statements on that topic. "How about, 'Confusing?'" (June 27)

Ben Brigandi: Stretching a budget is very serious for many in attendance at an APSE convention session Friday called "Can We Still Afford to Cover the Big Event?" (June 27)

Duane Rankin: Alternative story forms do more than address the space crunch many newspapers face across the country. They tell stories in a creative, yet informative way and capitalize on the talents of the writer, editor, photographer and graphics designers. (June 27)

John Bednarowski: Editors from a dozen small newspapers joined APSE third vice president Toby Carrig in a newspaper exchange and Mary Byrne, the deputy sports editor of the Associated Press in a discussion of ideas and concerns Thursday in the small newspaper caucus at the APSE national convention in Pittsburgh. (June 27)

Eric R. Olson: For a news organization to be relevant in the social networking scene, it's got to cast a wide net. (June 26)

Bob Sutton: Lou Ferrara of the Associated Press and sports editor Roy Hewitt of the Cleveland Plain Dealer engaged in a contentious tit-for-tat during the first general session of the 2009 APSE Convention on Thursday morning. (June 26)

David Sell: In a time of budget cuts and declining resources, step forward and lead, the Washington Post's Emilio Garcia-Ruiz told an audience Thursday during an APSE panel devoted to storytelling in print and online. (June 26)

Meeting held Thursday, June 25 at Sheraton Station Square Hotel, Pittsburgh (June 26)

Meeting held Wednesday, June 24 at Sheraton Station Square Hotel, Pittsburgh (June 26)

Roy Hewitt: Sports editors need to think of as many ways possible to grow online traffic, unlike the old days when they never gave a thought as to how to grow newspaper circulation. (June 26)

Loren Nelson of the North County Times was elected vice chair of the West Region at APSE's annual meetings in Pittsburgh. Nelson has been sports editor at the Escondido, Calif.-based news organization since 2006. He previously worked as sports editor of the Bradenton Herald in Florida for three years before making the cross-country move. (June 26)

Check here periodically as materials are submitted from workshops at the 2009 Convention in Pittsburgh.

The Bulletin for the 2009 Convention in Pittsburgh is now available for download as a .PDF. (June 24)

Mark Conley: Let's face it: If it were between waterboarding and Twittering, many sports journalists would probably take a deep breath and give the first form of torture a whirl. It might be overly simple to chalk up Tweet reticence to an old-school sports bunker mentality – even if threads of truth remain with that theory. (June 24)

Glen Crevier: Michael Anastasi of the Salt Lake Tribune was elected APSE's second vice president and will assume his duties at the Pittsburgh convention later this month. He has been a member of APSE for more than 20 years, and it's safe to say he'll be consumed by the organization's challenges for the next three years. He says he is up to the task. (June 19)

Nick Mathews: Phil Kaplan, the deputy sports editor of the Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel, was voted as the new first vice present of the APSE recently. He will assume his position on June 27 at the Pittsburgh national convention. (June 16)

Garry D. Howard: On Wednesday, June 24, we will gather in the western Pennsylvania metropolis of Pittsburgh for the 36th Annual APSE Convention, an event with an illustrious history and one that will be filled with wonderful workshops, general sessions, receptions and requisite fellowship. (June 11)

Social networking continues to grow and APSE is trying to keep up. And if you're not, you need to start. APSE wants to help. Ryan Sholin, the director of news innovation of Publish2, will lead a workshop at the APSE convention in Pittsburgh on June 25. (June 6)

Phil Kaplan of the News Sentinel in Knoxville is the new first vice president of the Associated Press Sports Editors organization and Michael Anastasi of the Salt Lake Tribune is the new second vice president after voting by the membership concluded June 1. (June 4)

Phil Kaplan: The annual meeting of the Southeast Region took place April 27 at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution offering writers and editors help with the daily challenges of competing on the Internet. (June 2)

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