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Convention 2010
June 23-26
Marriott City Center,
Salt Lake City

For information:
Garry D. Howard:
E-mail | 414-224-2306

Jack Berninger:
E-mail | 804-741-1565

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March 6-10
Radisson WorldGate,
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Mandatory dates:
Sunday: April 5
Weekday: Tue., Feb. 24


Bryce Miller: As more and more of our shops wrestle with decreasing space – and increasing online expectations – I wanted to pass along something we've been doing more and more at the Des Moines Register. (Feb. 27)

Roy Hewitt, sports editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, is testing the interest in sharing sports content nationwide. Many of you already share with newspapers in your state or region. This might lead to an opportunity to expand that to many newspapers throughout the country. (Feb. 25)

The Great Lakes Region report, with news from Canton, Ohio; Detroit; Grand Forks, N.D., and more. (Feb. 23)

Linda Robertson has been selected as the 2009 Mary Garber Pioneer Award winner by the Association for Women in Sports Media. (Feb. 20)

Lynn Hoppes: A few weeks ago, several sports managers and I met to talk about our sports section/online starting from Ground Zero. That's what APSE needs to think about. If we were starting today, what would we do differently? How would we start from Ground Zero? (Feb. 19)

Garry D. Howard: With a focused determination to not let this floundering economy affect the prize jewel of APSE, I will land in Vegas with expectations buoyed by the love shown from our colleagues in this, a time of need. (Feb. 17)

Don Shelton, a longtime Assistant Sports Editor with a new vision for his Sports section, was named Sports Editor of The Seattle Times on Feb. 6, replacing Cathy Henkel, who retired Dec. 12. (Feb. 13)

Bios for the new judges that will be attending the 2009 APSE Judging Contest. (Feb. 13)

Toby Carrig: Count me among the small-paper sports editors disappointed last year when critiques were eliminated from the APSE contest. As a chair for one of those judging panels this year, I have informed my fellow judges that we will make every effort to provide feedback for papers this year. (Feb. 11)

Scott Reinardy: A 2007 Penn State University study reported that more than 40 percent of 384 university journalism and mass communication programs offer at least one sports media-related course. Overall, more than 200 sports media courses were being offered among 155 universities. (Feb. 9)

Information about the Great Plain regional contest. Deadline for entries is Feb. 10. (Feb. 6)

Jim Jenks: Leaders in the newspaper industry have not adjusted to change because they are trapped by their own shareholders or too arrogant to realize that journalism is just not going to pay the rent when the distribution system is archaic and the advertising dollars are going in other directions. (Feb. 4)

The tentative schedule for the Southeast Region meeting, to be held Monday, April 27 at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (Feb. 3)

There's a new way to stay connected with the Associated Press Sports Editors. A group has been created at Facebook.com that allows members of APSE to join for networking, messaging, discussions. (Feb. 3)

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