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Keith A. Kaeppel: Just a quick note to update everyone on the APSE Mid-Atlantic Region meeting, which will be held Monday, Dec. 1 at The Penn Stater Conference Center, State College, Pa. (Oct. 31)

Newspapers throughout the country filled their sports pages with Olympic coverage for more than two weeks. The challenge for them all was to present the news and stories from the Olympics in a way that stood out among the competition. (Oct. 30)

Lynn Hoppes: What does APSE mean to you? As we make our push to increase our membership, I've asked past presidents and region chairs their thoughts. Here's a sampling. (Oct. 29)

Toby Carrig: Making 434 wishes come true sounds like fun, except when it puts you in a position of denying another 400-plus wishes. That was the mission of an Associated Press Sports Editors committee charged with advising the United States Olympic Committee on credential requests for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. (Oct. 28)

Bill Speros: It's obvious the days of "bigger is better" are over. Just a couple of years ago, sports editors could often request, and without a second thought, get whatever space they felt necessary to produce complete fall football previews. This year, the sea change continued across our industry and across the country. (Oct. 27)

Toby Carrig: When it comes to high school football preview sections, I like when a sports department draws on its institutional memory to produce something different. The North County Times in Escondido, Calif., was among those papers that did that this year with a section that featured the greatest games of all time in its coverage area. (Oct. 24)

Todd M. Adams: A reorganization of the Fox Valley Newsgroup in the Western Chicago suburbs has led to three promotions involving Brad Nolan, Chris Sosa and Brad Engel. (Oct. 23)

The Mid-Atlantic Region meeting at Penn State University is Dec. 1, but room reservations need to be made by Oct. 31 to get the best rate. (Oct. 22)

Michael Anastasi: Ever since the 1984 Games in Los Angeles and Bill Dwyre's pioneering work, strong Olympics coverage has been a trademark for many news organizations in the West Region. Plus news from the Salt Lake Tribune, Los Angeles Daily News, Arizona Republic and more. (Oct. 21)

Jenni Carlson: The deadline (Nov. 15) is fast approaching for the inaugural AWSM Member Training Grants. We will award as many as five mid-career training grants of $500-$1,500 this year to deserving members. (Oct. 20)
Application form (.pdf)

Jenni Carlson: Mary Garber was a pioneer in every sense of the word for women in sports media. With her death, we have lost one of our greatest trailblazers. While the Association for Women in Sports Media honored Mary several years ago by placing her name on our Pioneer Award, we believe that more should be done to memorialize and honor her. To that end, AWSM is announcing the Mary Garber Scholarship. (Oct. 20)

Garry D. Howard: The 2008 APSE Contest will have a new wrinkle this year – besides being held in Norman "The Man" Chad's hometown of Las Vegas. This year, thanks in large part to past president Mike Fannin, we will be awarding Top 10 section awards to member newspapers that have circulations under 20,000. (Oct. 17)

Sean Barker: In the Northeast Region report, details about the region meeting, plus awards and web site information from the Middletown (N.Y.) Times Herald-Record and Glens Falls (N.Y.) Post-Star. (Oct. 16)

Celeste Williams: APSE offers a year-round critique service for member newspapers. Here's how to get comprehensive and detailed feedback on your work – both writing and design. (Oct. 15)

Adam Mertz: "So, they finally did it. They finally killed the Cap Times." The voice at the other end of the phone on that earth-shaking Feb. 7 morning was my columnist, Mike Lucas. I had just delivered the news that after 90 years in existence, The Capital Times was ceasing operations as a daily paper to focus its efforts on the Web. (Oct. 14)

Lynn Hoppes: So each month I have to come up with an update on the convention committee. While talking with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sportswriter Chuck Finder, I asked him why people would want to come to Pittsburgh for the 2009 APSE Convention. That opened the floodgates. So I respectfully give him the floor. Here's Chuck! (Oct. 13)

Phil Kaplan: The Lexington Herald-Leader understands the popularity of University of Kentucky sports. Kentuckysports.com, the newspaper's Web site devoted to all things University of Kentucky sports, was assembled with the idea of creating a "one-stop shopping" site for our UK readers. (Oct. 10)

Scott Powers: Like many newspaper companies and privately owned dailies, Tribune has been forced to reinvent its product at every site. Each paper, with the exception of the Newport News Daily Press, has had a redesign or significant space cuts. The Daily Press has a redesign planned for January. (Oct. 9)

Dave Morgan: So much has changed since I left the Los Angeles Times to head the editorial operation of Yahoo! Sports almost three years ago. Most of those changes haven't been good for newspapers or their readers. (Oct. 8)

Joe Sullivan: Everyone in the newspaper industry is looking for new ways to generate revenue. The Boston Globe has had some modest success with niche publications dealing with fashion and real estate. Considering the interest in professional sports in Boston and the success of its teams, sports was a natural target for the next attempt. OT – Our town, Our teams, a weekly sports tab published by the New England Media Group – was a reality. (Oct. 7)

Michael Anastasi: APSE's annual meetings with the commissioners and chief executives of the nation's major sports organizations have been set for April 22 and 23, 2009, in New York City. (Oct. 6)

Phil Kaplan: The Associated Press Sports Editors along with the Scripps Howard Foundation have set aside a day to tackle some of the issues facing the industry. College and high school students from the Virginia area interested in a career in journalism have been invited to attend APSE-Scripps Day at Hampton University on Wednesday, Nov. 12. (Oct. 3)

Mike Sherman: Monetizing sports content has become a pretty big priority in our shop. And in August, just weeks before The Oklahoman joined the ranks of newspapers that have announced layoffs, sports took its most significant step yet toward paying our own way. (Oct. 2)

Darryl Smart: With a circulation of about 9,000, the Woodstock (Canada) Sentinel-Review two-man sports department likes to be ahead of the game when it comes to doing different things. (Oct. 2)

Lynn Hoppes: Who coined the phrase "toy department" for the newspaper sports department? I wish we were called that again. Today's sports sections, with smaller staffs and less space, has lost some of its fun. (Oct. 1)

A look at what some papers did to commemorate the closing of historic Yankee Stadium Sept. 21 (Sept. 30)

Jim Lefko: Special sports sections have been a source of pride at The Indianapolis Star for years, both for the quality that goes into making them memorable and the volume produced annually. (Sept. 29)

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